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A stay in a Tiny House

Discover all our destinations to rent a Tiny House in France and escape in the middle of nature on the land of local producers.

A stay in the heart of the countryside


Nestled in the heart of the vineyards of St Emilion or in the forest of Brittany, our Tiny Houses are the perfect base for exploring the most beautiful regions of France. Imagine sleeping in the middle of nature to (re)discover the pleasure of simple things.


They say that eating well is the beginning of happiness. We invite you to see for yourself and enjoy the gastronomic wealth of the French terroir. Farmhouse breakfast, country-style aperitif or barbecue under the stars - the choice is yours!


At Parcel, no Netflix but we chill anyway! Here we opt for a stay without wifi or TV and enjoy an old-fashioned radio-cassette. The plus: a breathtaking view of nature from your bed.

Included in your tiny house

A good dose of chill but also a good dose of...

Double bed

Ecological shower

Sheets and towels

Dry toilets

Heater and fan

Fully equipped kitchen

Book your tiny-house in a few clicks

Choose your getaway

Are you more of a lake or vineyard viewer? Choose the destination that makes you dream, order the local and organic aperitif and we will take care of the rest.

Receive information

Once the reservation is made, you will be sent all the necessary information such as the address, access code and telephone numbers to have by email.

There's nothing left to do but chill

The tiny house is yours. Take advantage of this stay to disconnect, breathe and rest in a bucolic setting.

Rent a tiny-house in France

If we say to you: cosy cabin, weekend for lovers, unusual accommodation, the tiny-house should be the image that comes to your mind. And it is exactly with this concept that we decided to create Parcel and to offer the best tiny-houses for rent. Recharge your batteries in our accommodations, in the middle of nature. There, no wifi, we disconnect the phones and we take advantage of it to be together.

France is full of cool and trendy places. Yes, you don't need to be at the end of the world to let go. Parcel selects the best places in France to provide you with these new and practical cabins.

We have settled in Saint-Emilion, located only 40 minutes from Bordeaux by car. But we don't intend to stop there and we are already planning on new destinations to rent our Tiny House.

Everything you need, where you need it

Our tiny houses are minimalist but that doesn't mean they are uncomfortable! It's just the opposite and that's what our tiny house concept is based on. Imagine a mobile, eco-friendly tiny house that feels like a real holiday home, with the surrounding countryside on your doorstep. When you rent one, expect the same comforts as at home, but with the added bonus of nature and tranquillity. Everything is designed and selected to make your stay memorable. The products offered are 100% local, the kitchen is fully equipped for your meals, and the mattress is thick enough to not want to leave it.

Alert: new destinations approaching

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