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5 ideas for a romantic weekend

Are you tired of going in circles with your partner? Yes, we understand that exploring a 40 square metre space for months on end becomes a bit redundant. We're getting ready to unpack and the Parcel team has prepared a list of 5 original ideas for a romantic weekend away.

#1 Book an experience for two 

A gift is good. An experience is better! What could be better than offering yourself the luxury of learning something new as a couple? An oenology course, a workshop to make chocolate or perfume. A moment shared to have fun and keep a little souvenir.

#2 Go on a cycling roadtrip 

Resolution 2021: like the last 10 years, we're going to work out! OK, it's easier to spend 45 minutes in front of Netflix than a burpee session. After months of confinement without moving around too much, we opt for a stay combining sport and relaxation with a little bike ride. In addition to exercising, you will minimize your impact on the environment with a so-called slow activity. 

#3 Organise a solidarity weekend 

Why not give a little of your time to help others? For a weekend, you can book your accommodation on Solikend and the price of your night will be donated to an association. For a more demanding adventure, you can find a solidarity weekend that will allow you to contribute to a cause or support a local population.

#4 Opt for a weekend away

We drop everything to do nothing! Yes, it's possible. We offer ourselves a disconnected interlude at Parcel including a night in an eco-designed Tiny House and a discovery of the vineyard, with the bonus of tasting the Grands Crus of the estate.

#5 Take to the sea with a weekend on the water 

Two days of canoeing for the more adventurous. Chillowé, the booking site specialising in micro-adventures in France, offers some nice ones. For the less courageous, you can spend the night on a boat in Brittany or in the south of France to wake up facing the sea.

Written by Géraldine