Welcome to Le Puits Carré

Before you arrive, we invite you to read the information below
What is included in the Tiny House Parcel ?
The Tiny House has a Queen-size bed (160x200) with duvet and pillows, a kitchen with fridge, hob and sink, and a bathroom with shower and dry toilet. The Tiny House is equipped with fans and windows to let in the gentle breeze on summer evenings, but also a stove to warm up winter evenings. Please remember to bring mosquito repellent if you are sensitive. In case of an emergency, we've got your back with a first aid kit.
What is included in my booking?
We provide sheets, towels and tea towels as well as eco-certified toiletries and cooking supplies such as salt, pepper, oil, sugar, coffee and tea.
Can I plug in electrical appliances?
Between the 1st of November and the 31st of March, the sunlight is too weak to ensure both the good functioning of the Tiny and an external use. Please do not plug in electrical appliances that consume too much energy such as hair dryer, electric kettle, raclette machine etc. ️Only phone and computer can be connected.
What time is my breakfast brought in?
If you have selected the breakfast option, you will find it already on site, well chilled in the fridge.
What time is my dinner or aperitif brought in?
If you have selected these delicious extras, you will find everything you need for your dinner or appetizer already on site, well chilled in the fridge of the Tiny House.
How do you heat your toast?
It's as easy as pie, just use the gas toaster (small perforated plate in the drawer)!
How far from the Tiny House can I park?
The parking spaces provided for this purpose are generally located 100-200 metres from the Tiny House. You will need to walk a little to reach your Tiny House. The terrain can be a bit gritty, so make sure you choose your shoes accordingly and don't hesitate to contact us to find out more about the specific conditions. Once you've parked your car, it's time for an adventure!
"Water is precious, please don't waste it".
Living in the middle of nature and in a way eco-friendly requires alternative methods for waste and water management. Please make sure to reduce your water and electricity consumption. In the Tiny House, water depends on rain and electricity on the sun. However, we make sure that the water tanks are full before you arrive. Remember, a shower should last two minutes.
Remember, you are on a farm
The Tiny House is installed on farmers' land. This means that there may be maintenance work such as vineyard treatment, mowing or other activities on the farm. The farmers do their utmost to minimise their impact on your stay; and these activities are in no way harmful to your health. If you have any doubts or questions, please contact your host who will be happy to tell you more.
How does the check-in work?
Your arrival is autonomous, simple and fast so that you can start your adventure without further delay. Approximately one week before your arrival, you will receive an email containing the information for your arrival as well as the code to collect the keys. When you reach the Tiny House to move in from 3pm, you just need to enter the code on the key box and take a deep breath: you have arrived. If you have any problems, don't hesitate to contact Sabine, your host, at +33 6 84 14 90 53.
What is the departure procedure?
It is very simple (we do not like to complicate things unnecessarily). The departure time is set at 11am.

All you have to do is:
- Please leave the Tiny as you found it and do your dishes.
- Put the key in the box provided for this purpose.
- Finally, it is imperative that you take with you some of the serenity you have found until your next visit.
Can I smoke in the Tiny House?
For everyone's well-being, smoking is not allowed inside the hut, but you can smoke outside and make sure that your cigarette butts are in the ashtray at your disposal.
Can I bring my dog?
Our friends the dogs are admitted to the breeding of the Puits Carré. 1 dog of any size/weight or 2 dogs of 10kg each max per Tiny, 25€ per stay. We ask the owners to respect the rules of cleanliness inside and outside the Tiny House. We count on you not to let your doggie climb on the bed, thank you for our farmers. The owners will be held responsible in case of incident, thank you to keep an eye on your companion in the heart of the domain. An additional cleaning fee of 50€ will be charged if the condition of the Tiny House is degraded by your pets.
Is there WIFI?
No, and trust us: you'll thank us.
What to do in an emergency?
While we recommend that you disconnect, we still invite you to have your phone charged and a means of transport nearby. In case of emergency please contact the appropriate authorities such as the fire brigade (18), the SAMU (15) for medical emergencies and inform the owner as soon as possible. The list of emergency numbers and a first aid kit is available in the Tiny House.

It is now time to prepare your stay. Enjoy it and come back refreshed. See you soon!

How to access the Tiny House?

Follow the map below, the Tiny House is located 3 minutes walk from the Farm