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The answer to your questions

How far from the tiny house can I park?
The parking spaces provided for this purpose are generally located 100-200 metres from the Tiny House. You will need to walk a little to reach your Tiny House. The terrain can be a bit gritty, so make sure you choose your shoes accordingly and don't hesitate to contact us to find out more about the specific conditions. Once you've parked your car, it's time for an adventure!
"Water is precious, please don't waste it".
Living in the middle of nature and in a way eco-friendly requires alternative methods for waste and water management. Please make sure to reduce your water and electricity consumption. In the Tiny House, water depends on the rain and electricity on the sun, you are in an energy self-sufficient habitat. We do our best to keep everything running, but the weather can be unpredictable and in rare cases make it difficult to charge the batteries. We make sure that the water tanks are full before you arrive. Remember, a shower should last two minutes.
Enhance the aperitif
If you wish to purchase wine or snacks, please do so at the time of booking. In case you have forgotten, there is still time to rectify this by emailing us at contact@parceltinyhouse.com with your booking number. We will do our utmost to accommodate you, subject to availability within the given time frame.
How does the check-in work?
It's quick and easy so you can start your adventure right away. Approximately 3 days before your arrival, you will receive an email containing your arrival details and the code to collect the keys. When you reach the Tiny House to settle in from 3pm, you just have to enter the code on the key box and take a deep breath: you have arrived.
Is it in a dangerous area?
Absolutely not, our Tiny Houses are located in rural areas and therefore you must understand the risks inherent to a "wild" environment. In France, the risks can come from different sources such as: wild boars, geese and ducks, squirrels, mosquitoes, snakes, inedible plants and poisonous mushrooms. This is obviously a non-exhaustive list, so take courage and don't panic at the first sound! You sleep on a farmer's land, so the Tiny House is not equipped with staff at all hours of the day and night as in a classic hotel. Therefore, you (the client) agree that your safety in and around our accommodation is your responsibility. In case of doubt or emergency, your host will be available.

What is the departure procedure?
It is very simple (we do not like to complicate things unnecessarily).
The departure time is set at 11am.
All you have to do is:
- Leave the site and the Tiny House PARCEL as you found them.
- Finally, it is imperative that you take some of the newfound serenity with you until your next visit!
Can I come with children? 
It is possible to come with a child up to 12 years old at the Kerbastard Farm, in Champagne, at the Beaulieu Farm, at the Rilly Castle, at the Thillaye Gardens, at the P'tit clos Normand, at the Puits Carré Farm, at the Alpes Mancelles Farm and at the Roubine Castle. A single bed will be available in the Tiny House.

It is possible to come with a baby (up to 3 years old) to the Ferme de Garance, the Ferme de Kerbastard, in Champagne, to the Ferme de Beaulieu, to the Chèvrerie de Rilly, to the Jardins de la Thillaye, to the P'tit clos Normand, to the élevage du Puits Carré, to the Ferme des Alpes Mancelles and to the Château Roubine You can come with your own travel bed or specify it in the reservation notes for the following destinations: Garance Farm, Kerbastard Farm, in Champagne, at Beaulieu Farm (our farmers will provide an umbrella bed for you).
Can I bring my dog?
Our friends the dogs are allowed in some of our destinations. 1 dog without size/weight limit or 2 dogs of 10kg max per Tiny, 25€ per stay. We ask the owners to respect the rules of cleanliness inside and outside the Tiny House. We count on you not to let your doggy climb on the bed, thank you for our farmers. The owners will be held responsible in case of incident with the animals of the farm, thank you to keep an eye on your companion in the heart of the farm. An additional cleaning fee of 50€ will be charged if the condition of the Tiny House is damaged by your pets.
Can I smoke in the Tiny House?
For everyone's well-being, smoking is not allowed inside the hut, but you can smoke outside and make sure that your cigarette butts are in the ashtray at your disposal.
Are Tiny Houses available in winter?
Yes of course, they are well insulated! Each Tiny is equipped with a stove for the winter and a small fan for the summer.
What to do in an emergency?
While we recommend that you disconnect, we still invite you to have your phone charged and a means of transport nearby. In case of emergency please contact the appropriate authorities such as the fire brigade (18), the SAMU (15) for medical emergencies and inform the owner as soon as possible. The list of emergency numbers and a first aid kit is available in the Tiny House.
Can I cancel my booking?
Can't make it? Before cancelling your stay, we offer you the possibility to postpone it. We will change the dates of your stay according to availability, free of charge, 7 days before your arrival.

If no other dates are available and you really want to cancel your stay, please send us your request by e-mail to contact@parceltinyhouse.com including your reservation number and the destination you are going to.

More than 15 days before your arrival: we will refund you free of charge
Between 7 and 15 days before your arrival: we will refund 50% of your booking
Less than 7 days before your arrival: non-refundable

No refunds will be made for no-shows or unused nights.

The owner will do his utmost to ensure that the hut is available as booked. However, the owner reserves the right to change the booking due to unforeseen circumstances.
What happens if Parcel cancels my booking?
For your safety, in case of weather warning or technical problem, Parcel reserves the right to cancel your stay. You will then be able to postpone your stay within the next 12 months, or ask for a refund of your stay. Unfortunately, no other financial compensation can be claimed.
Can I give a gift card?
It is perfectly possible tooffer a holiday with a gift card. Once the payment has been finalised, you will receive a receipt and your gift will be sent by e-mail or post to the lucky recipients with a personal code.
Can I cancel my gift card?
A gift is meant to be enjoyed and not refunded. That's why we don't refund gift vouchers. Please take the time to use your voucher before the expiry date.
How far from civilisation is the Tiny?
We have 3 levels to define the distance of the Tiny from civilization:

In the heart of the farm: the houses are within sight
Lost on the domain : the Tiny is at walking distance from the houses
Alone in the world: the Tiny is more than 5 minutes by car from the houses